Cracking Mac OS applications for fun and no profit

Cracking or should I say patching of Mac OS applications

Posted by NSEcho on 2021-06-08 14:58:20

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I was thinking about showing you guys how similar iOS and Mac OS applications are. What is the better way than cracking the software on Mac OS. I would not disclose the name of the application and images will be blurred because I do not want to get in trouble lol.

Originally, I was using Hopper to patch the binary, but I guess not everyone wants to pay for the things so we will be using r2.

The method I will be using is kinda similar to the one talked in the Code injection on nonjailbroken iPhone with .dylib.

We will also be using frida to the analysis and a couple of other programs.


When we open our target application, we are greeted with the following image: